So…may I introduce the newest employee of the “Funky Monkey Internet Cafe”?

*takes a bow*

I´m stoked. And the funniest part? I will be making more in saved cash (because I now get free internet access) than I will for my actual hours on the clock. But shhhh….don´t tell them that.

Just got back from my second salsa class. Today, I twirled and spun my way around the room blindfolded….”feel it! FEEL the music!”. Everytime I leave the studio I have the lamest, dumb grin on my face…but I just can´t help it. Please excuse my total cheesiness right now…but I´m so incredibly happy. I promise to slap myself around a bit before my next blog. 🙂

Check out my total geekyness…I ASKED for more Spanish homework today. I swear I was never so lame in school before. Anyway…I´ve got work to do, and I feel bad because every PC in the cafe is in use and I´m an employee taking up space. Also, Yahoo has been out of commission all day today, and I haven´t been able to access any of my e-mail accounts, so please excuse my delayed responses! Adios amigos!

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