solbeam, d.m.

Solbeam, D.M.

Wondering where in the world, Sol from San Diego is?

*gives forearm a few slaps*

STILL in Utila! Addicted, I’m afraid to say.

Addicted to what? Addicted to Sea Turtles and Spotted Eagle Rays, Queen Angel fish and Green Moray Eels, to Sea Fans and Jellyfish *sans the stinging ones – ouch*, to the irredesent squid and octopus, to Lobster and Shrimp hidden under coral and in sponges, to firework shows of bioluminessence, to schools of squealing dolphins racing our boat and to the chance that I just might, one of these days, have the great pleasure of making aquaintence with a Whale Shark.

When I grow up, I wanna be a Dive Master! Or at least in the next 6-8 weeks, I wanna train to be one.

Yup. I’m back in school: 6-8 weeks of daily diving in coordination with physical tests and intensive study of the Physics, Physiology, Mechanics, Equipment, Instruction and Safety of underwater diving — text books and tests to boot! When I’m done, I get a pretty little card with my picture on it that allows me to Dive Master *does a COOLER title exist?* essentially anywhere in the world. And since the ol’ travel itinerary includes both Thailand and Australia, dive hot spots of the world, Utila will hardly be the last of Sol’s Scuba diving adventures. *laughs* My 100k private school, business education sure seems to be coming in handy these days….

*couldn’t upload picture*

Anyway….that *points above to the picture* is my new home, and as you may have guessed, it floats *literally* on the vibes of Bob and Lenny 24/7. And this *points to picture below*, is one of my fellow DMTs (“Dive Master Trainee” – gettin’ down wid da scuba lingo) and me, last night, before I attended my first-ever Full Moon Party. It only takes a few turn tables and a sand patch to congregate the island for some good ol’ sweaty and sand-fly-slappin’ fun!

One of the perks of my new dive shop life? Access to an offline computer! Yippee-ki-eh Scuba Diver! So you’ll be hearing a little bit more from me again – if you haven’t deserted me in all my overwater-world negligence.

Gotta swim, my rescue course starts tomorrow and I’ve got some books to crack!

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