the uneven life


This morning I cut my hair with a mini swiss army knife (*see note at bottom). The simple *if not uneven* life is good.


The Spanish word for “wife” is “esposa”.

The Spanish word for “handcuffs” is “esposas”.


Yesterday was pure wickedness…*tap, tap, tap*….but I`ve got a chicken bus to catch and a travel mate that just tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Whaz up chica, are you ready or what?!”

We`re on our way to Lake Atitlan for the weekend, only the most majestical body of confined water I´ve found *yet!* on this earth. It`s surrounded by three volcanos…and it`s impossible to capture its mystique in a photo, but I found this online…

Now stare at the picture with your eyes crossed until you see three volcanoes. Once the dizziness has set in, you`ve get a feel for the effect this lake has on the people who descend upon it. “Increible!” My second, (and hardly last) trip out to the lake. And a little secret? I`ve decided to challenge the digicam Gods to a third battle. With two digital cameras on the alter, I hope their appetites are sufficed, because I`ve got a friend coming down from the states on Dec. 2nd, and she`s got space in her pack for one of my old digicams. Yes. Less babble, more pictures. Coming soon to a near you.

*Mom…time to break the news that I´m gonna need that camera back!*

*tap, tap, tap*

And we`re off!!!

(*** Swiss Army Knifes are terrible. The ONLY reason I didn`t use my Micra “Leatherman Tool” — the one and only travel tool to occupy the sol heart — is because it was stolen along with one of the digital cameras.)

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