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17,000 feet of appreciations

IMG_7585, originally uploaded by seekingsol. (A Punjabi man helps himself to Sangeta’s song on the first of many days of adventure on our way into the Dolpa.) <img src=”″ You know when you begin to…

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on-pilgrimage & off-line; 3 June – 7 July

IMG_7139, originally uploaded by seekingsol. Specifically, following the nomadic yak caravan tracks in the general nether-regions of Nepal known as Upper & Lower Dolpa: Taken from Wikipedia: The Dolpo people (or “Dhol-wa” in their own…

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immortality burning

***** Journal Entry March 23rd, 2005 Kathmandu, Nepal Pashupatinath Temple The Burning (Cremation) Ghats along the Bagmati River In insatiable appetite, a greedy fire spits out the flames of a violent hunger. Riding a wave…

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