recipe for sun jam


Recipe for Tropical Party Paradise

1 Deserted Island

125 Palm Trees

2 Fresh Fish Fry Tables

30 Kegs

1 Generator

2 Palm Leaf Thatched Huts

1 Space Cake Stand

500 International Travelers

200 Hammocks

7 Imported DJs

1 Whopping Sound System

2 Dozen Tiki Torches

1 Sunrise

1 Sunset

Place deserted island in a body of torquoise blue water and sprinkle the edges with soft, white sand and surround with the world’s second largest coral reef. One boat at a time, slowing churn in the 500 browned travelers. Turn on the party around 12 in the afternoon, add the space cake and let simmer for six hours. Then slowly turn the music up and congregate the people into the sand dance floor. The DJs will naturally bring the crowd to a full boil. Maintain this temperature for 12 hours, or until the sun has risen. When the screaming and whistling turns to “ohhhing” and “ahhhhing”, it’s time to lay the people out in hammocks under palm trees to cool. Let rest for 24 hours. Savor the sweet memories and repeat annually.


Whew. *wipes sweat from her brow* Still sweatin’ from the heat in THAT kitchen. That party earned a permanent placeholder in the top 5 of Sol Life. Hands down. Click on the animated gif above to get to the Sun Jam PhotoGallery (4 disks waiting to be uploaded).



Congratulations Crys and Mark!

*pops the champagne* Love this shot! Looks just like one of those pictures that comes in new frames! Really wish I could have been there….especially for a chance at catching the boquet….*falls out of her chair laughing*…..


Until my travels take me off this island, I’ll be regularly blogging on SUNDAYS.

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