“Surrender” is my new word.

I whisper it a dozen times a day, as I call upon it…

“Surrender to the rain.”

“Surrender to my laugh.”

“Surrender to the possibility that I might die today.”

“Surrender my annoyance.”

“Surrender my anger.”

“Surrender my attachment to my ego.”

“Surrender my feelings of fear.”

“Surrender my worries.”

“Surrender my pride.”

“Surrender my concept of time.”

“Surrender to my intuitions.”

“Surrender to the truth of my heart.”

“Surrender to love.”

Who ever knew that letting go of everything could feel SO good?!

And thus I proceed…

Surrendering my future.

In Ecuador.

In ANYONE ever thought for one second that I have any idea what I’m doing…I would just like to surrender for the record…

That I have NONE.


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